Sunday, December 16, 2012

SOTW - Twelve Days of Christmas

Yikes!  One week till Christmas Eve. We all know its coming.  We all know what date its on, yet every year, we all (or at least most of us) seem to be shocked when it gets here "so fast!!!"  That's kind of the point I'm at right now.  I put off sending out my Christmas Cards.   I LOVE making cards ---- sending them, not so much.  I finally sat down and got those written out and ready to go.  I just need a few more stamps. I've got some cookies made - not as many as I'd like, but that's fine too.  I'm probably better off not having all those sweets around. 

I'm not sure I have all my Christmas gifts bought but I'm off work at the end of this week.   Before then, I'll have to sort through what I've got bought, get things wrapped up and make a list of what I still need. We'll be fine. Christmas will come whether I'm ready for it or not.  There's no little kids at our house, just my husband, our adult son and me, so we don't have that frantic Christmas frenzy that many families have.  Maybe that's why I've procrastinated too long. 

One thing I haven't procrastinated on is this weeks SOTW - The Twelve days of Christmas - Stamper's style.  Another super cute stamp from Repeat Impressions.......and it's on special this week for 50% off - be sure to go here for all the details. 

Twelve Days of Christmas/Stampers Christmas Carol
I thought last week's What If? Wednesday's sketch was so great, I decided to give it another try using the SOTW.

Here's the close up.........gotta have a close up.

Now, don't forget, this stamp is at a super price this week - 50% off, so pick it up while this offer is still available.  Go here to see all the details.

Remember, Repeat Impressions has some fun challenges going on right now, so go here to see the full details on that.  If you play along and link your card you could win an awesome prize - a $25 gift certificate to the Repeat Impressions store.  Now that would be a great early Christmas present!!

Thanks so much for stopping.

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  1. Love the embossed background and the snowflake that accents the greeting -- love that greeting!