Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I am a member of best card club!!!

We meet once a month and each time we get together, I am just amazed by my fellow club members.  Wow!! What a talented  group of ladies.   The first thing we do is have 'show 'n tell' of the cards we completed for that months challenges.  Its always interesting to see everyones 'take' on our monthly assignments.   As the cards get passed around the table, you can hear all the oooooohs and aaaaaahs and "how'd you do that?"s. We all want to know each others techniques, what product was used, and our big giggle is if a card has a different texture we all have to 'touch' it see how it feels.  (Yes, Sara, we still are 'touching' the cards - we still miss you).    If a non-crafter were to hear our conversations, they would be baffled as we rattle off techniques, product manufacturers, and crafting lingo.  Think a card makers version of a "Trekky" convention - without costumes.  If someone says "what is that?" several in the group can rattle off the manufacturer, where you can pick it up, or who has the best price - don't forget to use your coupon!!!! 

We all have very different personalities, and we are in different phases in life, but when it comes to card making, we all have tons in common.  It's to the point that as the card goes around the table, we can tell who made it just by looking at it.  Whether its a color choice, a style or a technique, we all kind of have our own trademark.   Due to space limitations, there are only 10 of us in club (soon to be 8) but that's the way we like it - a nice small cozy group. 

Most nights we do 2 shoe box (make 'n take) projects - we each take turns leading the projects.  We have a demo where one person shows a new technique that they have seen recently.  Another person will assign the challenges for the upcoming month.  Oh, and of course there is always food - one person brings a dessert or snack of some sort.

Last night, we had our Christmas swap and pot luck.  OH MY GOSH!!! The cards everyone made were gorgeous.   I'll share them with you...

First we had Barb's.   Each of hers were a little different but used the same technique to create so we got to choose the card we wanted.  This is the one I chose.  So cute. 

Marie makes each card different so again we got to choose.  I had admired this one earlier, so I made it my pick.

Phyllis designed this gorgeous card.  Love it!!!

This is Tammy's card.  She added Crystal Affects to Santa's glasses - such a cute touch. 

This is Peggy's - love the pink.  The inking has a very cool, almost a water color affect to it. 

Here is Heidi's - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

And Ann's.   Love the white embossing on the rich, dark blue.  A very cool affect!

Here's Janes.  Lots of work involved in this one since she stamped the inside of the card and the flap on the envelope.  Breathtaking!

Here's Karen's.   I love the red showing through the crisp white.   Beautiful!

And here is mine. 

I'm still amazed by all these cards.  Aren't they gorgeous?!


  1. We are a fun group for sure (and talented:)

  2. Thanks for the recap of last nights cards. It was fun to browse the cards all layed out like this. There is lots of inspiration brought each month, that is for sure!

  3. OMG... These are beautiful! I really miss coming to club! To bad we couldn't find ourselves a little closer! Y'all are growing in your creativeness! I love it and those cards are so awesome! Please say "Hi" to all of the ladies for me! Hugs and Happy Creating! Sara