Monday, October 1, 2012

A Little About Me

Fall is my favorite time of the year - the colors, the smells, just that cozy feeling when you need to start wearing a sweat shirt. 

One of the best features of fall is archery season (my apologies to any PETA member and my vegetarian friends).  I have been archery hunting for white tail deer for several years now.   I always say that it really doesn't matter if I take my bow or take my camera, going to sit in the stand in the beautiful fall weather is just super relaxing. The last few years, the stand that I sit in is so nice that I really spend very little time hunting and more time doing paper crafts. 

This is me, all decked out and ready to go.  I'm sporting a new hair style but I'm also showing my back pack that is loaded with paper crafting supplies. 

This is what the inside of my stand looks like.  It 6 feet by 6 feet enclosed stand (basically like a broom closet on telephone poles) with windows all around.  The decor is pretty primitive with burlap curtains except for the main window which has camo mesh so I can see if anything is coming.  The new addition this year is a table (yes, its made from an old garage sale sign) which will be loaded with my supplies.  This day I packed pretty light, but I've been known to take my cuttlebug and dies with.  Let me tell you, that gets pretty heavy since its quite a hike to my stand. 

I haven't seen any deer this year, I've only seen a few pesky squirrels (which we don't shoot), but I've sure gotten a lot of paper crafting done : )

More soon

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  1. OOOOOOOO Joyce, I am new to your blog. I have enjoyed all that I have seen so far but this one made me laugh and I thank you sooooo much for the laugh. I cannot wait to show this to my husband who also is a hunter. He won't understand this but that's OK - that's him BUT I understand..........and I am still smiling and laughing. Have funnnnnnn "hunting" - hope you get something......(maybe done... :))))) )
    Jean McGee