Monday, September 8, 2014

POTW - Halloween Treats

I'm Joyce and it's my turn to bring you the Repeat Impressions Project Of The Week (POTW). 

I love making 3-D items - specifically treats and party favors.  It's been a while since I've made any, so its time.  I decided to make that my POTW. 

I love these super simple treats!!! They can be made to fit any holiday, gathering or mile stone.

Stamp and color the images you'll want to use for this project.  

You can use almost any kind of small snack for this project.  I wanted to use a mini Kit Kat bar but didn't have any in the house.  The only thing I had around were these York Peppermint Patties and they have a Christmas images on the wrapper so they are obviously left over from last year.  Yikes! 

Cut and score the patterned paper.  Lay out your patterned paper wrong side up.  Place your snack on top of it, centered from left to right.  Cut your paper down so that it is 3/4" longer than the snack on the top & the bottom.   From left to right be sure that you have enough paper to wrap around the snack and overlap by at least a 1/2".  Score left & right of the snack leaving a 1/4" gap - make that gap 1/4" from the candy and not the edge of the wrapper since the wrapper doesn't really take up space in the treat wrapper.

Add some 1/2" double stick tape along the top edge and bottom edge of the snack holder - just along the middle section of the paper.  Add a strip of 1/4" double stick tape to either the left or right edge of the wrapper.  
Overlap the patterned paper along the back edge of the snack wrapper.  Once that back seam is secured, sneak between the layers to remove the backing off that 1/2" double stick tape. Be sure the treat is enclosed before you seal the wrapper shut.   Press those upper and lower seams to be sure they are secure.  If you have a crimper, you can crimp that upper and lower edge to give them a very professional appearance. 
Now its time to decorate your wrapper. 
I've created 3 examples for you.  First I created a belly band to go around the middle of the treat wrapper.  I topped it off with this very cool image called 2308-E Bats
Then I created a treat with this adorable, spooky cat peaking out of a jack-o-lantern - 806-G Jacko-'lantern Cat.  I used the following Copic markers:  YR65 ,YR68 for the jack-o-lantern, YR23 for the jack-o-lantern face, and C-3 & C-5 for the cat.
This last version is my favorite version.  Check out this candy corn.  This image is called 2306-D Candy Corn.  Copic markers used:  Y11, Y15 for the yellow stripe, YR65, YR68 for the orange stripe & C-1 for some shadowing on the white section.
I hope you get a chance to try out these super simple snack holders for your next gathering.  Its a special treat to share with your guests.


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