Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Have I Mentioned That I'm an Insomniac???

Time:  3:00 a.m.

I've had tons on my mind lately.  Some things are NOT great but  some things are wonderful and have me looking to the future.  With all these things on my mind, I have been struggling to get a good night sleep. Tonight I did an absolute no-no.  Insomnia 101: Rule # 1 - when you have a night when you can't sleep, never....... I mean NEVER do something that will stimulate your brain.  Only do relaxing, peaceful things (ie. read, drink some warm milk or some sleepy time tea).  Ummmm, yeah, obviously I did not obey rule #1.   I decided to look at some stamping stuff, which led to me looking at the challenge over at Meljens Design - tags.   I LOVE making tags.  Sigh!  So much for not stimulating the brain!! 

 I am really just kidding.  I was able to whip these cuties up in about 15-20 minutes.  They do have me inspired though.  I'd like to make a few sets of these and post them in my Etsy shop - all proceeds going to breast cancer research, of course. 
One of my favorite digi stamp companies is Meljen's design and this hope ribbon is awesome.  Breast cancer has had a huge impact in my life (my Mother was a survivor - she had breast cancer in the late 60's), so this image hits my heart. So super simple to color but makes a huge statement. 

Pardon my blury picture.  My photography skills are not great at this time of the night! lol! Not only did I pop the layers of the tag but I also popped that cute little heart in the middle of the ribbon.

More soon - but hopefully not anymore tonight : )

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