Monday, May 26, 2014

Repeat Impressions - Project of the Week

Happy Monday Morning!!

I'm Joyce and its my turn to present the Project of the Week for Repeat Impressions and I have a simple and fun project to show you. 

Believe it or not, that is only one adorable pig image stamped several times.  They are all turned at this angle and that angle to create the look of a whole bunch of dancing pigs. Carefully matting them on black paper gives that filmstrip look.  So cute. 

The first step is picking out the image you want to work with, and this adorable 909-G Ballerina Pig is a perfect example. 

I stamped the image several times at different angles.  Actually, I ended up stamping 6 sets of the image to get the look I was going for. 

Next, I colored my images.  I used Copic markers R00 & R20 for the pigs body and B21 & B23 for her adorable little tutu. That's it!!! Just 4 markers. 

I had to play around a little bit to figure out what size I wanted to make my 'filmstrip' but in the end, I made my black background 1 3/4" wide.  I left the strip about 7" long and then cut it down to the exact size after I had glued it down.  The size can very depending on what angle you use so its better to have them too long than to run short.

Each little piggy image is cut an 1/8" narrower than that black strip and I made the each image 2" tall.  You can adjust yours any way you choose to, based on the size of your image.

I really played around with my images for a while to get them laid out the way I wanted.  When I did adhere them down, I left just and 1/8" between each image. You just want a little bit of black peaking through. 

Once I had my filmstrip assembled, I used foam tape to mount it to my card front at the angle I liked.  After it was adhered, I trimmed off the excess filmstrip so that my angles would be exact.

Originally this (below) was how I was going to lay out my card - one filmstrip with a sentiment for accent but something was missing.  The card seemed like it needed something more.  Something was missing.  I realized that I could use my remaining pieces of images that you see laying to the right of the card, to create additional filmstrips.  I took those pieces and adhered them to another 1 3/4" strip of black paper and strategically tucked them behind to make it look like I had several filmstrips.  Those additional strips are mounted directly to the card base while only that main filmstrip is popped. 

Adding those extra filmstrips in the background, gave it the look I was going for.  I popped my sentiment and my card is complete. 

Like most cards, it took a little playing around to get the look I was going for but I really like how the finished card turned out.  Just a fun, silly, quirky card that looks difficult but is really 1 image laid out in a way that makes it look like a whole lot more.  It was a blast to make.  How can those dancing piggies not make you smile?

Join us again next Monday for another Project of the Week and be sure to check out all the amazing images at Repeat Impressions shop. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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