Sunday, June 16, 2013

SOTW - Heart Air Balloon

Sometimes, when you see a stamp, you know exactly what your going to do with it.  That's how I felt when I saw this weeks SOTW - Heart Air Balloon 9114-I.  I have seen several places online where people are inking a background to look like clouds.  I have been hoping to try this technique and this lovely hot air balloon was my opportunity to do that.

Then, about a week ago, my husband came into the house with a stack of old maps from one of our vehicles.  He said I should toss (recycle) whatever I don't want.   I knew exactly how I was going to be using those maps.  I love when things come together like that *smiles*.   What could possibly make this better??? - how about the fact that since this image is the featured SOTW, it is 50% off, this week only.

Here's my card using the SOTW - Heart Air Balloon - 9114-I, the inked background that looks like clouds, AND my husbands map in 3-D to create the balloon.   Love it!!!

Here's a close up.  This verse is also a RI image called Beautiful Days 9206-H.  

On the old maps, I stamped the balloon image 5 or 6 times.   I cut out each image just inside the ink line - creating just a heart shape.  I then folded each heart shape straight down the center, then glued these pieces, wrong sides together - creating a 3-D piece.  I then glued my 3-D balloon onto an image I had stamped on my background.  A really simple way to create an interested affect.

Don't forget - this Heart Air Balloon is the RI SOTW so you too can create this 3-D affect at 50% off.   But its on sale this week only - go here to see the full details.  While your there, check out the challenges we have going on.  Its a great way to win a great prize.

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  1. Joyce, what a totally neat card! I love that you made the balloon from maps, but to make it dimensional also is incredible! Great job!

  2. What a great idea!! Once again- totally pinning it!!

  3. Awesome!! Great inspiration!!!