Saturday, March 31, 2012

So Glad its the Weekend!!!

Its been a crazy, crazy week at work - our fiscal year end - so I am so glad that its the weekend!!  With that and the fact that its just kind of a drizzly dreary day in Central Wisconsin, I'm proclaiming this a hibernation day.  I put on a fresh pair of jammies and I'm working on a project order while getting some laundry and house cleaning done.  My hubby goes to work this afternoon so I should be able to focus all my time on my order then. 

This week a friend of mine had a birthday, which is always a treat because a group of us get together and go out for lunch, catch up on our lives and just have some much needed laughs. 

This is the card I made for the birthday.   I love this image - so sweet, and as you can see I'm still playing with my copic markers.

Later I'll post some photos of the order that I'm working on.   Soooooo cute.   I love the them.

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